Our Trailers

Custom made to your needs

All of our trailers are custom made to your needs. We work closely with you to make sure all your needs are met in order for you to operate a successful mobile food business.

Our trailers are built of high quality materials to ensure a long life. Our equipment is top quality and certified. Our graphics are of the highest 3M quality to make sure your message is delivered for years to come.


NSF Approved Equipment Only

Our Process

Big Dawg Trailers follows a tried and true process to put your food business on it’s way to success! REMEMBER, our goal is to provide you with a trailer that exceeds your expectations. We are not here to sell you the cheapest trailer, we are here to provide the greatest value for your hard-earned money. Here’s our simple process breakdown:

First Step

We sit down and determine together what your needs are along with your budget.

Second Step

Together, we select the best size tralier to meet both needs and budget.

Third Step

We design a work friendly, efficient layout for your equipment based on your needs.

Fourth Step

We design a graphics package to get your business noticed!

Fifth Step

We upfit the trailer, install graphics and get ready for inspection. We work with you to make sure all of your information, application, etc. is done for inspection.

Sixth Step

Once unit passes inspection,  you are ready to make some money!

"Truly a blessing!"

Rodney and the team at Big Dawg Concession Trailers were truly a blessing to My Big Fat Greek Trailer! The hard work and dedication they put into our trailer was unbelievable! What really stood out for us was their customer service. They always picked up the calls or returned them promptly. The graphics they did on our trailer are second to none and our customers can’t stop talking about it! Not only did they put the graphics on our our trailer but  also installed all of the equipment and did a phenomenal job! If we end up opening a second trailer we will for sure be getting the work done once again by Big Dawg Trailers because you won’t find anyone better!

– Dave & Pete,  My Big Fat Greek Trailer